In da club..

I used to write these blogs once per week but since moving house that’s been a bit more difficult:

This is our life at the moment. Kids and stuff everywhere, & the dog is under the desk here too! We’ve been temporarily living with the in law’s for a while but hopefully now next month we will be moving out again and into our own new house.

Watching the football in bed but the kids always take lying down as a green light for play time. Who says men can’t multitask btw?

It’s actually been great living with the in laws to be fair, our friends would even argue that we’ve been ‘living the life of Riley’. That’s not 100% true but we have been making the most of the in house babysitting, cooking and ironing services lately! Given what’s going on in the world at the moment too we know we’re just so lucky to all be together happy and healthy!

A couple of weeks ago we had our work Christmas (delayed) night out, a karaoke then clubbing affair which had our babysitters on patrol until 6am 😳! For my turn at the karaoke I went for the absolute classic ‘teenage dirtbag.’ I remember once singing the same tune on a stag do karaoke and it went down so well that I was crowdsurfing by the end of it. In my mind it was in a sea of hundreds if not thousands of people, all going absolutely wild in celebration. But the next day I saw a video of it and it was basically an empty club with 3 of my friends struggling to hold me up and the bouncer watching on in total disgust.

We were in my hometown of Belfast last month on the club scene too, it’s so good by the way – definitely such a good location for a stag/hen or just a nice weekend away, and it’s a 20 minute flight too (Not on commission btw.) Raashi and I are with friends Naomi & Conor here absolutely loving life in Belfast City centre en route to a club. πŸ‘† I see now where this ‘life of Riley’ comes from. ☺️

Unfortunately we’ll have to scale back on the 6am clubbing nights when we move out. At 34 I wasn’t so sure I still had them in me anyway but I guess you never lose it πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

One thing I have lost lately though is my footballing ability (what was left of it) after I dislocated my knee trying to play 5’s. I was lying on the ground with my kneecap half way up my thigh thinking “That’s me done – too old for this s***”. Even the kids were gutted as they’ll now have to watch the football actually sitting on the bed.

I’ll make sure I’m back to full fitness in time for our works charity (Marie Curie) climb up Ben Nevis in the summer. Thankfully we’ve got some seasoned pro’s coming with us to help make sure we all make it up and down safely. There are still a couple of seats left on our bus for anyone else that would be interested please just get in touch, particularly if you’re good at piggy backs, just incase..!

Take care all and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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