Dentists – Do as we say not as we do!

Saturday night used to be a going out night for Raashi and I.

After a hard week at work it was great to go out with friends and enjoy a few beers or wine.

This weekend I realised just how much times have changed for us when the only ‘going out’ we were interested in was a trip to Asda to buy an emergency supply of chocolate for a sofa dwelling evening ahead!

We’ve just started a new box set, The assassination of Gianni Versace, during which we made a strong dent in the emergency supplies and even managed a glass of wine too -although I nearly fell asleep half way through that. Other young parents or those who have been at this stage of life before will no doubt know the feeling.



I laughed a bit when I realised here we are, two dentists absolutely stuffing our faces with all this chocolate and fizzy drinks  – I wondered what our patients would think.


Before judging us, grab a bag of the dinky deckers and try to eat just one of them!

So, as dentists, when we’re giving out diet advice its a case of do as we say and not as we do – certainly for Raashi and I anyway!

In all seriousness, if you are like us and love chocolate and fizzy drinks, best to limit it to just after meals and use a straw! Snacking constantly on sugary foods or drinks throughout the day is much worse for your teeth. ‘Zero Sugar’ fizzy drinks are better but don’t be fooled into a false sense of oral security – some of them are more acidic than vinegar!

As for kids, my advice is try to avoid giving them any for as long as possible. We don’t deprive our oldest daughter Mila of chocolate completely, but we do our best to limit it. Re fizzy drinks (and fruit shoots!) I would definitely say avoid completely for kids. Mac B water is flavoured and sugar free – if your kids like sweet tasting juice give that a try. Make sure to help them brush their teeth AM & PM too, up until about the age of 7. Mila and I have a battle with the toothbrushing every time but I always make sure I win.


Have a good week everyone



(Ps if by some miracle any of you do manage to eat just one of the dinky deckers please bring in the rest of the bag for us)



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