Happy St. Paddy’s!

17th March has always been one of my favourite days of the year. Celebrating the life of St Patrick with a few pints of the black stuff was always a great day out. Personally I had an added gratitude to pay St Paddy for driving all the snakes out of Ireland too, as I’ve always had a snake phobia! Not sure where the myth came from but the phrase ‘St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland’ was common knowledge when I was growing up and still is I believe.

I always had an image of him driving some sort of horse and cart filled to the brim with snakes on his way to the sea to have them shipped out. True or not, we don’t have many snakes in Ireland so its all good!

Im not even sure where the phobia came from to be honest, I’ve never had a bad experience or anything like that. I do remember watching ‘Anaconda’ once as a kid though and that freaked me out. Maybe that was the trigger.

At Uni I used to share a flat with a vet and he was pondering getting a pet snake at one point. After our discussions he agreed to get a pet rat instead. Not a lot better to be fair but I could at least be in the same building as a rat. If he had chosen the snake I would have moved out of the flat and probably back to Ireland where at least I knew there were no snakes at all, thanks to St Patrick of course.


Patients often tell us they have a phobia of the dentist too. What is amazing about treating nervous dental patients is the transformation that comes after just 1 or 2 appointments the phobia can be completely gone!  If your anxious then there is no problem with taking things very slowly when you come in. First appointment would always just be a conversation where we can find out about you and your desires. Then we can chat about how we can achieve those desires. That might involve just taking very small steps with treatment to build confidence, using our video goggles to take your mind off whats happening, or considering IV sedation which will help you feel more relaxed and forget the treatment itself. Take your first step by giving us a call when your ready on 01415573488.

In the mean time enjoy the rest of St Paddy’s day!

Heres our attempt at a nice family St Paddy’s day photo.



Have a good week everyone,








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