Hard Work Pays Off

After a busy week this week it was nice to have Saturday off. My mum was over having some dental work done, and babysitting of course.

She left early on Saturday evening to make it back for my brother Nathans boxing match that night. For our desert Raashi and I then tried to make sticky toffee sauce at home but unfortunately there was a strong scent of garlic in the pan. Trust me when I tell you sticky toffee and garlic don’t go well together.

I was glad Nathan pulled the weekend back for the Watson clan with a victory later on that night. I have 3 younger brothers, Nathan being the eldest and weighing in at 9 years younger than me. Although since the age of 12 he’s probably been bigger than me, so he’s been my ‘big’ wee brother since then. I used to joke with friends saying ‘ill get my wee brother for you’ if I ever needed back up.

He was fighting in an international tournament against a Spanish boxer. I couldn’t make it back for it but was delighted to hear he won, and I’ve since seen the video of the fight. I have no idea how boxers do it. As a sport its so demanding. I remember being at the gym once doing an exercise class which involved a punch bag for one of the stations.  Now I know I’m not the fittest but after less than 60 seconds I could barely hold my hands up and the momentum in the bag was nearly enough to knock me over. How these guys do it for 3 minute rounds, when someone is actually trying to hit them back is beyond me! At least in the likes of football, netball, rugby and most team sports you can get your breath back and your team mates can bail you out if needs be. Whereas in boxing, while focusing on catching your breath back you’ve also got to try and not get punched in the face. Crazy!

I’ve seen the hard work that goes in before a fight too. Nathan has a very strict diet, exercises twice daily and to make weight he uses a sweat suit in the sauna on a bike!

So here’s me, inspired by and very proud of my ‘big’ brother this weekend. Congratulations to Nathan – the hard work pays off!

Pele, one of the greatest footballers of all time, sums it up well:

“Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you do or are learning to do.”



Have a good week everyone,




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