Shout out to all the Mums!

Great to see the sunshine back for Mothers Day today! Im hoping this is a sign of some nice weather coming back for Spring/Summer,  although I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another beast from any direction next week.

Also I totally forgot the clocks changed last night, gutted to realise its the one where we get 1 less hour in bed this morning.

We’ve just finished a lovely breakfast though and are now planning a dog walk around the park soon.

Raashi surprised me this Mothers Day weekend actually, I thought she was at Asda yesterday but according to the Manchester United manager she was at Old Trafford bagging her first goal in the premier league. Couldn’t be a prouder husband!


Now that Im a dad myself I realise just how much my own mum did for me when I was younger, and the sacrifices she made! Since I moved to Glasgow 12 years ago she calls me (at least) once a day just to check in, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think its genetic as my Nanny Trisha does the same for her.

Raashi’s mum Manju is always on hand in Glasgow to help us out with cooking, babysitting and everyday life! On the cooking front she has been single handedly been trying to fatten me up for years now, always giving me the extra portions and leftovers. Of course I initially decline but always eat them anyway.

So a special thanks and lots of love  to Raashi, Mum, Nanny, and ManjUnited.

Lots of love to all the mums today – where would we all be without you!




Have a good week everyone,





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