Clip in Veneers

Multitasking by writing this one while out walking our dog Fergie today and thinking about a funny appointment I had this week.

One of our patients brought in a set of teeth that she purchased online. ‘Perfect smile veneers’ they were called. She left them with us after we all had a bit of a laugh at how not so perfect they were!

Thankfully she didn’t pay an awful lot for them and they were probably worth it for the laugh we had! Special thanks to our patient for sharing that with us!

I’ve only ever seen the ‘clip on smiles’ once in real life before that. I was talking to someone on our works Christmas night out a few years back and when I mentioned I was a dentist they immediately pulled out their teeth to show me. ‘You’ll love this then’ I’m sure they said. To be fair I was surprised as I didn’t immediately realise their teeth were removable until they were presented to me for inspection! I remember being equally as surprised at what was going on underneath the ‘clip ins’ though.

One of my good friends Calum, a dentist at Dalmuir Dental Care made an excellent review of the clip in smile just this week:

All joking aside my advice is to be aware of buying these type of things online. Some of them may even look ok but could be masking dental disease, or even worse, covering perfectly healthy teeth with this type of thing will inevitably cause future problems.

I get that they are cheap and we all love a bargain, my own wife is a professional yellow sticker hunter. But what happens by ignoring problems or delaying treatment is they become more difficult and therefore potentially more costly to fix.

That’s why as dentists we like to see our patients every 6 months and take X-rays every so often. It allows us to identify for example, early decay that can be fixed with a small filling, rather than ignoring it until it becomes a large filling or a root canal and a crown (or a missing tooth of course!)

We understand that cost is important and will always discuss any fees in detail so that we can come up with a suitable plan that fits your needs, desires and budget.

So if your considering a clip in smile please reconsider and give us a call instead!

Have a good week everyone ,


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