Spoilt for choice!

Writing this one from Duchally, a place near Auchterarder, about a hour or so north of Glasgow.

Raashi and I left on Friday evening, car jam packed with nappies, groceries and 2 kids! It’s a resort with self catering lodges on site and access to a pool, sauna/jacuzzi/steam (and a bar ;-)) The scenery around is absolutely brilliant too. Scotland is such a beautiful country.

We’re away with a group of friends and all the kids, who all seem to be having a great time. Especially our oldest daughter Mila who now has friends to play with who are her own age, rather than playing with her usual best friend Fergie, our dog. Incidentally that would be my only criticism of Duchally, that it’s not dog friendly as wee Fergs would absolutely love this place! Other than that its defnitely 5*****’s from me. It’s quite close to Gleneagles golf course, and im looking forward to coming back up next week for a round of golf there that we booked almost 5 months ago! Id say im safely in the top ten worst golfers in Scotland so im excited to play at such a stunning course but worried that I’ll be barred from coming back after my performance. Thankfully my friends in my group are also in the very same top ten (higher positions than me I might add) so at least ill not be alone.

Back in Glasgow you may have noticed we just welcomed a new dentist to our team, Kamal. He doesn’t start full time until the end of May but until then he is working Fridays and some Wednesdays.

He’s so easy to talk to and very down to earth so Im confident he’ll get fit right in and that all our patients will get along well with him!

So ,(1) if your looking for a nice place to visit for a relaxing weekend away with the family and friends then Duchally gets my recommendation! And (2) if your looking for a dentist we’ve now got 5 in myself, Laura, Raashi, Mr Chan and Kamal, spoilt for choice!




Have a good weekend everyone,



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