VR Goggles

I’ve been avoiding internet as much as possible today as I’ve been trying to pretend that Liverpool didn’t actually win the champions league last night. As a Manchester United fan I think the best we can do right now is continue to pretend it didn’t happen and that Fergie is still in charge. All is ok.πŸ˜•πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

On another note its June already – how did that happen!?

Raashi and I had a look at our new years resolutions list last night for a half way check to see how we are doing. We printed a list and left it on our fridge as a constant friendly reminder. Sadly, not one of them has been accomplished yet. Im hoping for a miraculous come back in the second half of the year.

Im also looking forward to booking another trip back to Ireland to visit my parents caravan again, which was so relaxing last week. When I was back last time I managed to get a go on my brother Joshua’s ‘VR game’. It’s basically virtual reality goggles and headphones and you can go completely somewhere else! Come to think of it I could really do with my own set until this Liverpool thing blows over.

Here I am standing on the edge of a skyscraper in his batman game, not great if your scared of heights (which I am) but I cheated and put my toe further forward to remind myself where I actually was!


We don’t quite have the VR set up at work but we’ve got something similar in our video goggles. They’re great for longer treatments or for anxious patients to help take your mind off what’s going on. We’ve also just invested in noise cancelling headphones which can pair up with your own phone to listen to your own music during treatment!

We pride ourselves on our treatment of nervous patients and the feedback we get from our goggles is amazing. If it’s something you think you could benefit from please just ask us, films include ‘Manchester United’s treble winning season of 1999’ and ‘The Sir Alex Years’.

Have a good week everyone,



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