Spice up your life!

Last night the spice girls were in town and Raashi and a few friends made the journey to Edinburgh to see them, ‘zig a zig ahh’ t-shirts on and all. As we weren’t big spice girl fans, this meant it was a daddy day care day for myself and a couple of friends. We thought it would be nice to all meet up for dinner out, just the 3 husbands, 3 kids, and 3 dogs…..but what a disaster that was.

First of all, how difficult is it to park prams inside? We had one double pram and one single to manoeuvre around our table, somehow we managed it after bumping into at least half of the other diners, handing out our ‘sorrys/excuse me’s’ as we went. Then it was the dogs turn. Leads tied to table legs, poured their water into a  bowl and gave out treats which they all fought and barked over, then spilt all the water. It wasn’t the best of starts to say the least.

We were all hungry and had made it this far though so we stuck it out. While waiting for food we managed to distract my oldest daughter Mila with The Lion King on my phone. (We do try to limit Mila’s screen time but sometimes Netflix is a godsend! What did mums and dads do before technology btw!?)

When the food finally came the dogs went a bit mad again, a drink was spilt all over the pizza and 1 dog even managed to climb front paws up to the table and steal a whole slice. At this point we had 2/3 kids screaming on the outside, hungry and desperately needing nappies changed. We also had 3/3 adults staring at each other crying on the inside, wishing we were at the Spice Girls.

We left shortly after and promised each other that when the mums are away next time we would have a night in, order a pizza from Dominoes and let the dogs out in the garden when it comes!


At work we cant quite let pets into the practice but we are proudly child friendly and would encourage all parents to register their young children as soon as possible. Some parents ask us if its ok that their child will be with them during their appointments. Being a parent of young children myself I fully understand the difficulties with arranging childcare so we are always understanding with this. Our staff are absolutely great with children, and we have things around the practice to help occupy them, e.g. lots of childrens books in the waiting room, our toy toothbrush and mouth sets to play with, ‘wheres wally’ posters to get immersed in, and our wifi is complimentary too so please just ask us for the password if you would like to use it!




Have a good week everyone,










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