Taking the plunge

Today we finally took the plunge (literally) by going swimming at our local pool with our daughters and joined the gym as full members. Hopefully this means we will actually go sometimes. Watch this space.

We were part motivated to join the gym by ‘Faceapp’ which seemed to go viral this week. It gave us a glimpse of what we might look like when we’re older. I wasn’t sure my forehead could get any bigger but it seems I could be very wrong. Age also seems to have it in for me way more than Raashi.🤦🏻‍♂️ Im hoping this exercise malarkey will postpone the process of the hairline travelling that far back.🤞🏼


Our nurse Gemma also used the app to make a video for all the staff this week and put it on our instagram page. I was relieved that even Mr Chan looked older as in truth every year that goes by he looks about 3 years younger. Maybe the app just doesn’t take into account the Benjamin button factor or perhaps it isn’t a fair reflection of the ageing process after all. I’ve since heard that it was made by Russians who want our faces for artificial intelligence. I’ve deleted it just incase as if it’s true we’ve no idea where Vladimir’s Putin our data.😏

We’re aiming to take the girls swimming at least once per week and take turns to go to classes ourselves. What makes it harder is actually getting out of the house. Looking back it was so easy to leave the house without kids. Took about 2 minutes. Keys, phone, wallet and out. These days its a good 30-45 minutes. Nappies need changed before going, new ones packed, snacks for the car, bottle made up, spare baby food incase we’re out for long, baby wipes, bibs, buggies, the sling, calpol, car seats, and paw patrol downloaded. We’ll finally leave then usually have to go back as we’ve forgot the armbands or a dummy or something else. Im sure all parents can relate!

As part of our gym membership we also get access to Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome which is not far from our work and on my route home too. If any of our patients see me there please come up and say hello so I can take a break from pretending to exercise.


Have a good week everyone,










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