Living for the weekend (carbs)

Just finished giving our youngest daughter Sienna her sink and now ready for her feed and bed. Now that she’s 7 months and quite chunky I think her days of sinking are numbered and she’ll be due an upgrade to the bath soon. The thing is our kitchen sinks are quite deep and the tap has an extendable hose so it’s so much handier. In fact if anything ever happens to our shower I might give it a try myself. I can imagine Raashi’s reaction though if she ever came downstairs in the morning and found me standing in the kitchen sink shampooing.

This week Raashi and I have been trying to limit our carbs and decided to go Monday-Thursday carb and rubbish free and eat whatever at the weekend. During the week we were good and had plenty of salads though at times we needed each other’s help to stay strong. On Tuesday we all had scrambled eggs and only Mila got buttered toast. I swear her toast was the best thing I have ever smelt, although I think it was partly carb withdrawal symptoms. It reminded me of the free tea and toast you get in the hospital after a new baby arrives, how good is that stuff? I think it was Thursday when I caved and snuck in a chocolate ice lolly while Raashi was out walking our dog Fergie. I did try to hide the wrapper/evidence under other rubbish in the bin but like a true detective Raashi spotted it right away. ☺️

We’ve maybe overloaded a bit too much this weekend with the rest of the ice cream, Chinese takeaway last night, McDonalds for lunch today and Wallacewell farm for dinner tonight. To be fair I went for the ‘standard’ carvery plate as opposed to the horse sized ‘mega’ one.


Im off work tomorrow myself so looking forward to a lie in and smelling some toast for breakfast. Our dentist Kamal and therapist Andrea, supported by our lovely staff are holding down the fort tomorrow and have some emergency appointments available if anyone needs to call.


Have a good week everyone,









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