Turkey round 2 ğŸ‡¹ğŸ‡·

On holiday in 🦃 at the moment, currently sitting by the baby pool shade-bathing while our youngest daughter Sienna has a nap.

We left on Friday afternoon after a 2 hour wait on the runway – thankfully nothing wrong with the planes left phalange in the end though.

The delay wasn’t fun to be honest but the captain was so nice, kept coming and talking to as much people as he could in person and he even made an announcement that any passengers, young or old were invited to the cockpit to have a look around. We gladly took him up on his offer. Mila asked ‘where is the driving bit’ meaning the steering wheel but there was none. Only a joystick type thing and about 1000 buttons. Fair play to pilots, it must be such a tough job – having to deal with all them buttons and casually being responsible for over 300 peoples lives every day! 🙌🏼

Personally I’ll be taking a leaf out of the captains book about how to better communicate any delays/waiting times too!


Eventually we arrived late on Friday and enjoyed a nice wee day at the pool yesterday. The resort we’re at seems to be mostly Russian with a lot of the males involved in some sort of who can wear the smallest trunks competition. I’ll not be Russian into any of that but we’ll see how the tans doing by the end of the week 😆

We’re away with our friends Claire and Jez and their son Jack so it’s great Mila has a wee pal to run around with. I think the same could be said for myself and Jez too.

Its 30 degrees today and the same forecast for the week – would be great to take some of it back with us for our sponsored staff charity walk in a couple of weeks. I can’t see it though and imagine we’ll be drenched! It’s from Milngavie to Balmaha and should be about 7/8 hours so probably quite tough for a group of amateur hill walkers – especially for our 2 pregnant 🤰 🤰 participants!

On that front we’ve got our just giving page all set up so if you can please donate anything to help us on our way, all proceeds raised go directly to Marie Curie Balornock.





Have a good week everyone,











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