A walk in the park just isn’t the same any more.

It was nice to get the BBQ back out yesterday for what’s likely to be it’s last outing of the year. With all the young babies around (and more on the way!) it was a Baileys and bed for us at 9.30pm though. We were half thinking it’s a lame bed time for a Saturday night and half absolutely buzzing about the extra sleep we’d be getting.

We have to get the extra hours in when we can these days as it’s usually a 6.30am toddler alarm no matter what day it is. Here’s Mila right on cue this morning making sure I wasn’t going back to sleep:


She doesn’t fall for the old “I’m not sleeping I’m just resting my eyes” trick any more🙄.

It was actually ok this morning though as ‘eggs’ were on the menu for breakfast anyway as Ireland and Scotland were playing in the rugby world cup. Im not a massive rugby fan but as an Irish man living in Scotland I couldn’t have missed that one.

Unfortunately for me, my football team Manchester United couldn’t carry on the winning form this afternoon, we were beaten 2-0 which ‘hammered’ home the realisation that we are now terrible. As I write this my dog Fergie – named after the good old days, is staring at me waiting for a walk. Before we had our dog, winning games was a walk in the park for Fergie. These days wee Fergie still has a walk in the park but winning has been replaced with a lot of sh**!

Anyway… it’s September weekend coming up and we are looking forward to going back to Ireland to visit my family. We’ve also got some exciting news to announce in the coming weeks with some big changes for Tiwari Watson Dental Care – all to be revealed soon!😁


Have a good week everyone,







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