Powering through

Arrived back to Ireland late on Friday night after getting the boat across from Cairnryan. Raashi and I swiftly ditched the kids with my parents on Saturday morning and headed down to their caravan in County Down. We brought our dog Fergie as he absolutely loves the beach and doesn’t cry or need nappies changed.

We needed a quick stop along the way to see George in Asda as I forgot to pack enough clothes though. Two mens t-shirts for £5 btw. I’ve now got one for every day of the week.

We took Fergie for a long walk along the beach last night and came back to finish off Power on Netflix. We managed to ‘power’ through 7 hour long episodes, two bags of mint aero bubbles and a huge bag of Thai sweet chilli sensations. Spoiler alert – the death toll is high in that programme!

My parents caravan is right on the beach front, check out the views:


Today the plan is to go for a nice walk up the Mourne Mountain (in the background) before heading back up to Belfast this evening. (Btw we’re not going all the way up that  mountain as our dog would get too tired🤥🤭)

In other news I mentioned last time we had some exciting news for TWDC and would like to now share that we have secured a new premises to move into. It’s very close to where we are already but it’s much bigger and will hopefully be more enjoyable for patients and staff alike. It’ll be a few months yet before we move in but I look forward to sharing the progress with you all along the way!


Have a nice holiday weekend,















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