Dentistry Scotland Awards 2019 Finalists

Spent Friday and Saturday this week in Manchester on a dental course. I went with our dentist Kamal, leaving on Friday morning on the 5.40am train. This meant a 4.45am alarm.😴 The course itself was very good to be fair, all about composite bonding and how as dentists we can improve our results with this. But you can imagine how we felt when we were still in a lecture at 7pm that evening!

Thankfully after this there was a nice dinner put on by the course organisers, and all the drinks were included (and much needed after the long day!)


Good view from the hotel too. ^ It was a fun night. 30 dentists who hadn’t met before, you can imagine the main topic of conversation that night though. You guessed it, teeth. I found myself talking to someone about different types of filling materials and although I tried desperately to change the subject a couple of times, we kept coming back to the polish-ability of this one over that one. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy my job but at 10pm on a Friday evening if your talking to a stranger about the structural properties of composite fillings – its time to go home at that point!

All that talk about said polish-ability did little to improve how rough everyone felt on Saturday morning too. Eventually I made it back home last night in time for a chippy  takeaway and to watch Goliath on Amazon prime. I also made the cardinal sin of watching some episodes without Raashi as she went to bed earlier though – so i’m going to go for a swim with the girls today while she catches up.

In other news we found out this week that Tiwari Watson Dental Care has been shortlisted at the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2019. We made it as finalists in 4 categories –

Best Team

Best treatment of nervous patients

Best charity/community project

Best patient care

The awards ceremony is on the 1st November. Its so good to make it as finalists and fingers crossed now we can go on and pick up a trophy!


Work will be commencing soon on our new premises too, Ill show some photographs of it next week, really excited about the whole project and cant wait for all our patients to see it.


Have a good week everyone,














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