Getting the steps in

What a week it’s been with the storms. I’ve seen a few videos online of trampolines going for a jump themselves and even bins and sheds doing the same. I’ve been trying to ‘get my steps in’ this week too but sometimes our dog wee Fergie just stands still with the ears flopped, head tilted and looks up at me as if to say “I can’t be bothered to be honest πŸ₯Ί” I’ve been looking back saying “you and me both Fergs”. Raashi and I have been aiming for 10,000 steps daily but the end of the garden and back leaves about 9990. We’ve got a bit of catching up to do but I reckon we’ll wait until the weather settles incase we get hit by a trampoline.

This week we also booked a charity event for the Summer for most of our staff. We’re climbing Ben Nevis in aid of Marie Curie. The last time we were able to organise a team charity event was before the pandemic where we walked from Balmaha to Milngavie, raising over Β£2k for the same charity. It took us about 10 hours as we came off the track for lunch (& a pint!) and cost ourselves so much extra time and effort. I remember at the time the staff asking me If I had trained for it. I replied saying I’ve been walking since I was 2 and that no extra practice was required. That proved wrong as it was so tough and we were definitely hobbling to the finish line and for a couple of days afterwards! – This time around I’m putting in the practice and getting in at least 10 steps per day currently πŸ‘€.Β 

Last week I took the kids to check out the other forms of transport available at the Riverside Transport Museum. It was pretty good and it’s all free too. If you’ve got young kids it’s definitely a good wee afternoon out. For some reason they also have a lot of dinosaurs around:

My son Ronan reminds of me George from Peppa Pig in that he is obsessed with them. I’m still not really sure why they were at the transport museum though. I guess they were the first ones on the planet to ‘get the steps in’. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Lately we’ve been making the most of the transport options available actually and got the boat back to Belfast during the half term. I always enjoy the ceremonial handing over of the kids to the grandparents when I go back home. Raashi and I made the most of it and booked into a spa hotel that my parents bought us for Christmas pre pandemic:

Galgorm hotel in Ballymena – Unreal spot 😍

We spent some time with friends too and even went clubbing in Belfast City Centre. πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ». Never too old 😊. Once we had recovered we signed the kids back out and came back to Glasgow, it was such a nice trip! My parents probably need a spa visit of their own now though…

To keep up with the latest form of transport we’re in the process of installing an electric car charger at work. At the moment it’s only a staff one but we’ll be putting in more soon that our patients can use for free too. Apparently we need Scottish Power to give us more ‘va va voom’ to the building first. Watch this space ⚑️.

Take care all and have a nice week…


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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