You know the drill..

Currently en route back to Glasgow on the train from a trip to Manchester to see the (not so) mighty Reds:

My dad and I in what used to be known as the ‘theatre of dreams’ . Theatre of bad dreams these days.

Went with my dad and two friends Jamie and Rory. The match itself was terrible, a boring 0-0, no shots affair. We made up for that with some shots of our own later on which was good fun but we are paying for it now with the sore heads on the train! Looking forward to getting home to a possible Chinese takeaway tonight.

My parents and grandparents are over visiting (and babysitting while I was away) this weekend so it’s been nice to have them over. My grandad was also in for an implant yesterday. Being a joiner I remember him teaching me how to use a drill when I was younger so I guess in some ways that training has paid off now.

I was keen to hear his thoughts on how the new premises build is going too. I got the nod of approval so it must be going well, Raashi was out sorting out the paint colours and decoration this week:

Raashi, our PM Sharon and builder Tommy (this is just after Raashi, 36 weeks pregnant, was climbing the ladder to the top floor! – Sharon and Tommy did try to hold her back to be fair)

In our current premises the sun-bed shop next door to us are actually doing building work of their own just now too and it’s been a little bit noisy so if you are hearing power tools in the waiting room please rest assured it’s definitely not coming from our drills. I think most of the noisy stuff is already done anyway.

Last week we asked for feedback and had a good idea from Gina Gina on our facebook page to install a water supply in the new waiting room so thank you to Gina for that – it’s now literally in the pipeline.

Still keen to hear any other good ideas like this one, really looking forward to welcoming everyone to the new place quite soon now.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Stocking up on breakfast

Off to the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews today courtesy of Raashi’s mum Manju as a birthday present for me. We’ve been before and the best thing has to be the breakfast which I absolutely cannot wait for. I never really eat any breakfast at home but we’re at a hotel like this maybe twice a year so I usually just eat enough breakfast then to see me through. Our third baby is due pretty soon so I think our baby free weekends like this are numbered for a while though so I’ve got to make the most of this one, and stock up on my breakfasts for 2020! 😋

Had a good week just passed at work playing with our new scanner which is on loan from the lovely Nicolle at Straumann (dental implant company). It’s used to scan teeth so we don’t need to take any more ‘impressions/moulds’ again. Here’s me with it in action for the first time:

Thanks to our lovely patient Joan for letting us take the photos – we’re laughing here as we’re not actually scanning – just posing! ☺️

It’s tricky to get right at first so I was in full focus concentration mode with no time for photos at the point of actual scanning. Between myself and our nurse Tiegan we got a pretty accurate image in the end – from which our technician makes a new tooth!:

Is it just because i’m a dentist and really like teeth or is that pretty cool?

Our signage also went up at the new premises this week. It’s not quite the right colour so we’ll wait until that’s sorted before showing it to you all. The whole place is starting to take shape now which is exciting. I’d actually like to hear from our patients, if you can think of anything that we should have in our new premises- things that we maybe don’t have at the moment but you would like to see – open to all (realistic) good ideas!

Before leaving for St Andrews i’m off to re chicken wire our back garden so our dog Fergie can’t get out to do his business in the neighbours gardens. I do this on average once a month, as no matter what he finds a new way out. I swear he could break out of or into Barlinnie no bother whatsoever. If you’ve lost keys and can’t get in or can’t remember the code to a safe – speak to Fergie.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Birthday Celebrations

So yesterday was my birthday and i’m now the ripe old age of 32. I celebrated the 30th and before that a good effort was put in for the 21st but I think my next big one is 40. In between 30 and 40 they’re all the same really. I’d say caterpillar cakes are in order for the next 7 then it’s a trip to Vegas for the big one hopefully. Speaking of caterpillar cakes here’s my two girls helping me blow out my candles yesterday:

It’s only really a Costco carrot cake that can rival the good old caterpillar

Before this Raashi and I went out for a 10 course lunch at 111 by Nico. Being a professional bargain hunter Raashi managed to find a 50% off black Friday deal for it. 👏🏼 It sounds like a lot of courses but some of the plates were flavoured foam. The menu is called ‘trust’ as you don’t actually order anything, just trust that the chefs will provide good food. That they did. Except for the mushrooms. No to them. I’d rather have settled for the 9 courses or another plate of foam instead.

The menu had a great slogan on it that im going to borrow for our own line of work :

“Trusting us is your decision, proving you right is our job”

You might see that in our waiting room soon enough so thanks Nico.

The rest of my day yesterday was spent having a drawing competition, Mila and I versus Raashi:

I’m not actually sure if Raashi was trying to draw Elsa or her horse though?

I’ve had some lovely gifts and messages from family, friends and patients so thank you all very much for that. Went out for some drinks with friends last night and an obligatory McDonalds on the way home. We’re at our nephew Harris’s christening today then ill be back home to watch my beloved Manchester United likely get beat 5-0 by Liverpool. 🤢Praying for a birthday weekend miracle on that front.

To help prevent any further gagging we’re planning on investing in a new scanner for work. These are tiny cameras that take digital moulds of teeth rather than the traditional impressions which most people don’t like, myself included. I’ve been looking at a few different ones and tomorrow we are getting a trial unit for a few weeks to see what its like so i’m looking forward to that. Now’s the time to book in if you’ve been delaying treatment due the dreaded impressions!

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Lazy Sunday

Now that we’re back to a normal week it’s nice to actually know what day it is again. Our new years resolutions are going strong 1 week in. One of them is obviously the healthy eating thing that we’re all no doubt doing. Excluding our Chinese last night everything else for the week was good so I reckon we deserved the cheat night. Maybe ‘strong’ is too strong a word to describe our resolution efforts come to think of it though.

I think I might actually have a problem as once we established there was a slight possibility we were having a Chinese takeaway at the weekend I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about salt and chilli chips all week. They did not disappoint either.

To be fair all of our other meals were from Tom Kerridge’s healthy eating cook book which I would definitely recommend. It all needs a bit of preparation and we’ve found ourselves in and out of Asda for more herbs all week, but it is actually tasty stuff; most of it anyway. I think I messed up the corgetti on Thursday night as it wasn’t great but the thought of the impending salt and chili heaven got me through it nonetheless. That and a couple of packets of quavers.

Raashi clearly enjoying the grilled veg with cous cous and profiteroles on the side

Despite the odd slips Raashi and I are really determined to be a bit more disciplined and get our diets sorted/balanced this year. We’re also determined to do the same for our girls so if anyone has any shares in chicken nuggets now’s the time to sell! It’s good to see all the healthy lunches at work in the fridge too so hopefully we can all help each other stay on track.

In the spirit of helping TWDC have decided to donate our community fund to the fire relief in Australia this month. This is a small fund that we donate to local charities or patients/family/friends who are running fundraisers for good causes. (Please let us know if you are running any fundraisers and we’d be happy to help and spread awareness for good causes locally.) Our team decide where it goes each month and although Australia isn’t exactly local we’ve decided to make an exception due to the extent of the problem. I actually have two younger brothers living out there now so i’m hoping they are keeping safe and that the fires relent!

Lazy day planned for us today, we’re currently watching the princess and the frog then out to walk the dog so thats the end of the blog.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

New Year New Start!

Had such a nice Christmas back home in Ireland with family this year. It was the first year our daughter Mila really understood about Santa too so that was nice playing the same old tricks that my parents played on me many years ago.
(Half eaten cookies and crumbs as undeniable proof Santa had in fact been – not sure it would hold up in court, but Mila obviously fell for it. It does make it even more exciting to get up on Christmas morning again now with our own kids and I can see now why my parents didn’t tell me the truth about Santa until I was 18.

There is only a certain of amount of food, drink and TV any human can handle though so obviously on Jan 2nd we boarded the ‘being good/no more rubbish’ train. Last year it was the end of Jan before we alighted from said train and the takeaways were back.

This year the train has barely left the station as we were at the double decker chocolate bars and malteasers last night. It’s ok though as we now know the odd double decker etc wont hurt. I read a book called ‘Why we sleep’ last month and although at times reading the book itself was one of those very reasons, there were some interesting points. The main gist is that chronic under-sleeping (7hours or less) can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing, including our metabolism. So this year one of my new years resolutions is to focus on getting 8 hours of sleep per night and let the 6 pack sort itself out thereafter. Our new baby due in March might have something to say about that right enough.

Another interesting point from the book was to not hit the snooze button in the morning as it’s really bad for your heart – who knew!? I must hit my snooze button about 10 times every morning. The author has a good way of making sure he’s up at the first sign of his alarm though, he sets $20 in his shredder and times it to start at his wake up time. He’s only got a couple of seconds to get up out of bed before it costs him his $20. For the sake of the old ticker I need to find me one of those shredders!

After watching ‘the game changers’ on Netflix, Raashi and I have also decided give the vegan diet a try, at least for January to see how it goes anyway (I need to double check if double deckers are vegan or not). It’s a bit of an eye opener documentary though so i’d definitely recommend watching it.

It’s our youngest daughter Sienna’s first birthday today so we’re heading to soft play then back home for some cake later. (we’ll just start the whole being good/diet malarkey on Monday, to be honest we might as well double down and get one last Chinese takeaway tonight for the road!) ☺️

Barely moved from this position all Christmas – Bliss! Happy 1st to our smallest little Angel!

Work wise our normal hours re-start Monday too, i’m looking forward to our last couple of months in the current premises. We’re aiming to move into new digs by end of March/April – will post a wee update video soon about how the works are coming along.

Have a good week everyone and good luck with your new years resolutions!


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Christmas Time 🎄

Feeling slightly rough today after an annual Christmas jumper pub crawl yesterday with some friends. We ended up at the Corinthian with our own private karaoke room – some truly awful performances were put in. American pie or teenage dirtbag are my two favourite karaoke tunes. I remember once singing teenage dirtbag while on holiday and in my head at the time it was one of then best performances ever seen, packed crowd going absolutely wild. I’ve since seen a video of it back though and there’s probably about 5 people there including me and my voice sounds absolutely horrific. Didn’t stop me ‘crowd’ surfing at the end though. None of that last night sadly.

We’ve had a very busy week just passed at work starting off with some staff training on Monday. I went a bit mad on the sandwiches and pastries from Costco – got 60 just incase. To be fair they were all eaten by the end of the week.

On Wednesday my oldest daughter Mila (3) had her nativity play – she was playing the part of Mary. I was buzzing as I thought it was the lead role and possibly the start of a successful acting career but it was a humble no words part. Mila had her own idea about the non words role though and belted out ‘HIYA MUMMY HIYA DADDY’ mid scene. 😂

We’re still opened tomorrow and Tuesday until lunch time then Raashi, the kids, dog and I are all going back to Ireland on the boat. Im looking forward to some home cooking, sofa slouching & chocolate for breakfast for a week and then I’m coming back to the same new years resolutions that I didn’t meet from last year. Im determined that a fresh start is going to work this time! 🤞🏼

It’s been a great year this year for TWDC as we’ve raised a lot of money (£>2.5k) for marie curie, won ‘Best Practice and Best Team UK’ at the UK dentistry awards & secured our new premises to move in to in 2020.

Next year is set to be an even better one and I look forward to welcoming you all to 1360 Springburn Road in March/April.

Have a lovely Christmas and New year everyone and ill see you in 2020!


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Getting into the Christmas spirit….

Busy christmassy week just passed starting with a visit to Elfingrove on Tuesday. The lights and fake snow outside made for great photos but the rest of it was maybe a bit weird. One of the first stops was to meet Rudolph which our daughter Mila was buzzing about. She burst into tears when he was finally unveiled as a t-rex dinosaur with a santa hat on. ‘That’s not Rudolph Daddy😭’ … she was saying😂. I didn’t know how to explain what was going on so we swiftly moved on to the next room to meet the ‘elves of the Christmas night out.’

When that turned out to be a big room with two guys dressed up as knights dancing to ‘hammer time’ I had to cave and give her some chocolate buttons to get through the rest of it. There was one good part where the kids got to write letters to Santa and post them via a fake rocket ship. Mila asked for some toys and I asked Santa to sort out the reindeer recruitment policy.☺️

Watch out for the dinosaurs 🦖

This Friday night was our staff Christmas night out and we had it at Boclair House hotel. It was really good fun and well worth the sore head the next day. The compere was calling us ‘Tiwari Watson Dental Hospital’ all night. Im not sure our wee practice qualifies as a hospital but we just went with it. I think next year Raashi is actually looking forward to joining me on the sore head front as she’s been pregnant for the past 3 Christmas nights out though. It’s nice having designated driver/minder but I think she’s looking forward to not being pregnant for a while.

Dancefloor selfies

She and I were back at Boclair last night again at a friends wedding, live music included a girl on the saxophone which was absolutely class. I’ve decided I’ve got to learn to play it one day. My goal is for Christmas night out 2025 to be there with my t-rex and Santa hat outfit, playing hammer time on the saxophone. Doesn’t get much more christmassy than that!

Staff training event planned for tomorrow, then we’re really busy up until Christmas time so if you need to book in to see us before we close on the 24th at Tiwari Watson Dental Hospital, please get in touch asap!

Hoping everyone enjoys their xmas nights out if they’ve not been yet!

Have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)